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A Bit About Me

After graduating from Loughborough University my early career was spent 

working in the field of exercise, health,  and education.  Whilst working in organisations such as the NHS, British Heart Foundation,  Loughborough University and Sport England I discovered my passion for helping others navigate "transitions".

I strongly believe everyone has the ability, inner resource and strength to reach their full potential, achieve their goals and make the positive transitions to live a contented and fulfilled life. With my support and guidance as your coach, this process is greatly accelerated.  

Professional qualifications are a given but

equally important is the need to be able to connect with your coach.

My role is to help you make positive changes to enable you to live your best life.  My style is naturally supportive, non-directive and flexible.  I am authentic, always wanting the best for my clients and I’ve been told I have a keen ability to connect with people.  I am non judgmental, treat every client as unique and individual, respecting confidentiality at all times.

To find out what else clients have to say about me take a look at my testimonials and if you think my style would suit you please give me a call for a free 30 minute introductory chat.  

In my own life I have faced into many transitions - some by choice, others not.  The most memorable and significant ones include travel, career breaks, promotion, freelance work, parenting, part-time work, supporting a family member through ill health, loss, start up business …..

Yoga and mindfulness are an integral part of my life. I am a strong advocate of balance and calm, continually striving toward my ideal combination of challenge, excitement, peace and tranquillity.    

In my spare time I particularly enjoy being outdoors; walking, jogging, and cycling. Spending time with family and friends is important to me. At present this mostly involves driving to sports clubs and supporting my two children from the side lines.   Reading, films, theatre and eating out are some of the past-times I enjoy, whilst adapting recipes to make them "gluten friendly" is something I've come to embrace as another of my own life transitions! I am  involved in a voluntary capacity with the NHS running workshops and providing on line support.

Relevant Qualifications

Certificate in Coaching from the Academy of Executive Coaches (London)

Motivational Interviewing Training (Leicester)

Grief Counselling CPD (Barefoot Coaching)

BSc in Sports Science and Social Science (Loughborough University)

PGCE Primary Education (Loughborough University)

Diploma in Public Health (Sheffield Hallam University)

Take advantage of my free 30 minute coaching session to answer any further questions, see if we connect and whether hiring me as your coach is something you would like to do.